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let your visual voice be heard. muse9design is here to help translate your vision, give it wings and let it soar

website design

Innovative and compelling website design. We approach your site architecture with a focus on an effortless experience for your clients while stimulating them visually and into action with some wicked design and irresistible copy.

impactful copywriting

Copywriting is storytelling…in a good way. Let’s tell your story with dynamic copy and distinctive ink that will rivet your audience to the page and have them clamoring for more.

book cover design

People really do judge a book by its cover and it is our mission to tell your story with an intriguing cover that says, “Pick Me Up and Read Me!” As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


A logo is visual poetry and symbolizes the unmistakable personality and mojo of your business. Shape your success with an emotive totem that sets you apart from your competitors.


Let your visual voice be heard with original art and impactful copy. Impress your clients with an eye-catching statement and visual presence that can include exciting print collateral, infographics and spirited copy.

brand creation

Be the hero. Your brand is your identity that communicates purpose and intent to your current market and future clientele. Let’s translate the soul of your vision into a fresh and creative logo, brand and web presence.

Remora:  Adding A Plug-in to Your WordPress Site

Remora: Adding A Plug-in to Your WordPress Site

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Thoughts on Wordpress | One Comment

So, what exactly is a “plug-in” and what is its raison d’etre?  And can it really be compared to a remora? Aren’t remoras those little fish that hitch a ride by glomming on a much larger host, like a shark?  Well, a bit of a reach on the metaphor front, but remoras do perform a […]

Candy Store:  How to Pick a Good Theme for Your WordPress Site

Candy Store: How to Pick a Good Theme for Your WordPress Site

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Thoughts on Wordpress | One Comment

The assignment du jour: how does one determine what makes a good theme for a website? Inquiring minds want to know! This is assuming that you are choosing a theme for WordPress, which, it just so happens, I am. Lots of handwringing going on, at least on my front. I hear the great thing about […]

The Agony and the Ecstasy:  A Newbie’s Guide to Installing WordPress

The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Newbie’s Guide to Installing WordPress

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Thoughts on Wordpress | One Comment

Hello and welcome to the chaos and angst that is my cyber-world! Day 7 of the much anticipated and dreaded CMS class and I am still here. Very fussy, this content management stuff. My left brain is in the unaccustomed leadership role, trying to coax the right brain out of the weeds. Thank god instructor […]

Anne is an artist, brand whisperer and writer living in the mostly sunny San Diego area. She had an untamed childhood, raised in the California mountains under a wide open sky. Growing up, Anne and her sisters would tool around the lonely dirt roads with their father in his Comet convertible, heater blasting and radio blaring under a shower of stars. The clarity of colors in that dry desert light has driven her passion for bold color, and the rawness of nature powers her love of uncommon beauty and fuels her penchant to incorporate natural elements into her design aesthetic. She has a unique perspective that is both intuitive and thoughtful. With a background in Anthropology, Anne will often infuse her work with echoes of archetypal symbols and imagery that resonate across cultures and connect us all on a very powerful level. Anne is also an accomplished astrologer and enjoys looking to planetary patterns for inspiration. She especially loves working with small companies and individuals that want to make a difference in the world.




Anne Phillips, Head Muser

So many ideas, too little time, need help corralling those cats?

Muse9design offers a rich palette of vibrant color, quirky sensibility and distinctive ink that goes to the heart of the matter and will speak volumes to your clients. Let’s take your brand out for a spin. The sky’s the limit.


- Anne Phillips, Head Muser